A high-schooler at the head of a fashion empire

Adam Smallwood is only 17 years old. Despite his young age, he is recognized as a rising star in the world of fashion. At the head of a fashion empire named Atomik Studios, this Glenlawn Collegiate student from Winnipeg is hitting the runway and designing clothes for rappers in Toronto and fashionistas in Paris.

A teenager chasing his creative passion

Adam Smallwood is from Winnipeg. He does not consider himself to be a common teenager because he spends weekends learning new patterns and creating samples rather than hanging out with friends or partying. His creative genes come from his father who is an artist and a graphic designer. And when he was only 12 years old, he would already experiment creating little designs with wallets and selling them to kids at school.

Trial and error learning for the young designer

Despite his talent, Adam Smallwood definitely had to master the know-how of patterns and sewing techniques. The teenager understood that immersing himself into the fashion world implied knowing much more than creating designs. He planned an internship at Propel and when manufacturers failed to respond to his request for an internship, he decided to go at it via trial and error learning with his friend Federico. On the first day, they broke all the needles and jammed the sewing machine. Yet, Adam Smallwood was patient and took his failures positively as he knew now what he was not supposed to do.

A talented designer promulgated through social media

Without social media, Adam Smallwood would not have reached the position he is occupying today. Attracted to designing, he started creating simple designs for hats and for fun. He was posting them on Instagram and noticed that his followers liked them. By sharing his designs consistently on social media, Adam Smallwood very quickly garnered enthusiastic followers. Happy with this outcome, the teenager enriched his knowledge on using social media as a powerful tool for the promotion of his designs. This led to the creation of his own brand- Atomik Studios while he was only 14 years old. The brand offers unisex street wear that meets high-fashion.

Stepping into a large arena in the fashion industry

From small designs, Adam Smallwood transitioned to full releases. His first collection, The Koldest Season, was a series of t-shirts with his designs printed on them. It was quickly followed by three more collections. It was challenging but satisfying. Families and friends were his first clients but it did not take long for his work to gain fame. Adam Smallwood now even has a team.

Rappers and fashionistas are buying his pieces

Adam Smallwood has managed to attract the attention of stars and fashionistas. Big Lean, a rapper from Toronto, has also become a client of the teenager. Another Parisian fashionista also bought a piece that the teenager did not even think about selling. He even obtained a high price for it.

Keep your eyes out for this rising star in the Canadian and international fashion world.

h/t: CBC
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