Are you ready for Uncovered?

Introducing our newest original series Uncovered with renowned Toronto chef Grant van Gameren.

Uncovered is a docu-reality series following the man who took the Toronto restaurant scene by storm — Grant van Gameren. If you haven’t heard of him, you’re either from outside of Toronto or truly missing out.

Every week, follow Grant as he opens every door of his many business ventures to our crew. From his first coffee in the morning to his last customer at night, we followed him around to really get a grasp on his fast paced life. With so much going on, his life truly feels like being in a restaurant on a busy night.

Get front row access to this top chef’s personal life as well as a behind the scenes look at Toronto’s hottest restaurants including:

  • Bar Isabel
  • Bar Raval
  • El Rey Mezcal Bar
  • Pretty Ugly
  • Harry’s Charbroiled Dining Lounge

You’ll also get premiere footage of Grant working on the opening of his latest project: Tennessee Tavern, open now!

Stay tuned for weekly episodes starting this Thursday, October 5th. Until then #CHEERS.

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