Nature unleashed from your plate in Tokyo’s digital dining experience

Witness all four seasons unfolding around as you enjoy the delicious food at Sagaya, a steakhouse situated in the Ginza district of Tokyo. This restaurant offers an immersive dining experience created by using a unique interactive technology which responds to the movements of waiters and guests every time a new course arrives at the table. Beautiful floral and waterfall patterns adorn all the walls, while the tables light up and create the illusion of flowing water. They equally transform into cherry blossom fields.

‘Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting’ is a recurring series

This installation, named “Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting”, is one part of the recurring series created by teamLab, a Japanese creative group. This project’s previous versions included similar setups of dining along with traditional Japanese tableware. One of the projects also features birds coming out of vases. However, the thing that sets Sagaya Ginza’s variation apart is the inclusion of food that helps in adding a sensory taste element in the already wild stimulation experience.

According to their website, whenever a waiter places a dish on the table, a beautiful world from the dish is unleashed that unfolds on the table and surrounding space. For instance, a bird flies off from a dish to land on a tree branch that emerged from another dish. If you stay still for a while, a small bird may appear to sit on your hand and fly away as soon as you move.

Taking Luxurious Dining to a New Level

This may as well be the future of luxurious dining as it would be nearly impossible to resist such an innovative and fun experience, especially if the team expands it to other countries. These exhibits by teamLab have already been displayed in US, UK and across Asia. So, it is possible that this digital experience can actually be introduced to various lavish restaurants around the globe. You might even enjoy the entire dining experience without once glancing through your phone!

Through this innovative technology, teamLab aims to eradicate boundaries between the viewer and art, allowing individuals to interact with and even change the installations. These projects are referred to as “ultra subjective spaces” by the artists as they enable spectators to experience an artwork in countless different ways.

The team bets on the digital excellence

The digital excellence of teamLab can’t be matched by many people. The team has around 400 members, including designers, engineers, artists and other specialists. The entire team is known for creating huge interior installations that utilize visuals, sounds, lights, as well as virtual reality in order to bring incredible worlds to life.

The teamLab believes that digital domain has the power to grow the abilities of art, and better relationships among people can be formed through digital art. According to teamLab, the digital technology offers unlimited freedom to change the environment and experience. It also allows complex details to be created digitally. Before digital technology was accepted by the people, artistic information and expression had to be shared in some kind of physical form. With the introduction and expansion of digital technology, creativity, and artistic expression has obtained freedom from physical restraints to evolve freely and independently.

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