Sony releases new label Unties to distribute games for the rival platform Nintendo Switch

Sony has been highly focused on releasing great games for its PlayStation 4 over the years. However, there seems to be a change in the trend now. Set up by Sony Music Entertainment, Unties is a new label that has been created to publish indie games for the Japanese market on Nintendo Switch.

Sony seeks to introduce games to a wider audience

Apart from releasing games for PlayStation 4 and PC, Sony has now embarked on a new journey to distribute Japanese indie games for the Nintendo Switch. Although Sony owns the label, Unties has no connection to its PlayStation brands or to Sony Computer Entertainment. This new label is said to serve smaller development teams to introduce their games to a wider audience and hence, create a similar popularity as shared by the North American audience.

Nintendo Switch games will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC

Some of the games which will be released under the Unties label for Nintendo Switch are Tiny Metal by AREA35, Merkava Avalanche by WinterCrownWorks, Last Standard by I From Japan and a re-release of Rayark Inc’s Deemo (this game will also have a PlayStation VR support on PS4). Most of these games will also be available on the PlayStation 4 and PC although no release dates have been announced yet.

Tiny Metal and Last Standard are coming out soon on Nintendo Switch

Tiny Metal is a strategy game that places anime characters within a 3D world. This project is in production at Hiroaki Yura’s studio called Area 35. Gamers do have a lot of expectations for this game which is said to be able to “bring back the golden age of Japanese video games, one masterpiece at a time”. Last Standard is a 3D action game designed by college students. This game carries weapons having their own “unique personality”. With a complete package of modern graphics and classical Japanese wargaming, both games carry great potential for young and experienced gamers.

Sony’s objective in releasing new games on other platforms

A press release regarding Unties says, “SME and their new publishing label Unties are working their pants off to uncover new talent in order to deliver a treasure trove of entertainment content, with a focus on games, to all consumers worldwide”.

John Davis, a leading figure behind the new launch of Unties offers more information on what’s happening,

Unties is a label that’s been started by Sony Music Entertainment. The idea is that we want to release indie games on all platforms. You have indies, both in the Japan and the West, who want to release a game, they don’t want to be tied to one platform, they want to get the game to as many people as possible. So our idea was to support them as much as possible and try to have a label that was about bringing games to the masses, but also having the kind of support that Sony can provide.”

Sony’s initiative to release a game on Nintendo Switch indicates that they might, after all, begin to loosen restrictions and invest in other ventures.

h/t: Polygon
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