This secret, elite chef rendez-vous that went down in Niagara Falls

The most exclusive cuisine is probably invisible to most eyes. Far from the gaze of the crowd garnered by celebrity chefs, international royalty’s biggest chefs have their place in the culinary world too.

Meet the chefs who serve our commanders in chief

When the world talks about top of the line chefs, names like Gordon Ramsay or Martha Stewart often come to mind. However, there might indeed be a secret squad of star chefs that you might not be aware of. They are even part of an exclusive club — “Le club des chefs des chefs” — founded by Gilles Bragard in 1977. But even though they seem to be enshrouded in mystery, you might have heard of their bosses: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or even The Queen of England. We are in fact talking about the ones who feed the royalty of this world; the ones who are in command of the kitchens of Rideau Cottage, the Chancellery Apartment, and Buckingham Palace.

Gilles’ club resounds with elitism

To be accepted in Bragard’s club, you have to be the current personal cook to a member of a royal family, President, or Prime Minister. No wonder the organization is known as being one of the most exclusive culinary organisms ever created! Even Gilles Bragard often jokingly stresses on the importance of valuing the bests of the bests by saying “in most countries, the presidents and prime ministers pass, but the chefs stay!” ‘Le club des chefs des chefs’ assertively pushes forward that chefs, in fact, play a crucial role in international public relations as they are the ones who set the mood at the table during the meetings of world leaders. The members of the club think that their creating of a sociable and comfortable atmosphere leads towards the sharing of the next big ideas.

Le club des chefs des chefs met at Elements, a Niagara Parks venue

The members of the club meet every year in a different country for an event that could be described as “the G20 of gastronomy.” This year, they met at the Niagara falls to experience local culinary traditions and share their passion. “Some of the best products in the world are your home land products,” Bragard said about his experience at the falls. Janice Thomson, the chairperson of the Niagara Parks, states that the complex sources 50 per cent of its food and 90 per cent of its beverages from Ontario vendors and producers. Elements — the primary headquarters of ‘Le club des chefs des chefs’’ culinary rendez-vous — as well as 4 other Niagara Parks venues are actually FEAST ON certified by the Culinary Tourism Alliance. This would mean that they indeed showcase Ontario sourced products in the best way possible.

“Supporting our local economy and Ontario’s farmers through the Feast ON program has helped Niagara Parks build our local food identity, invest money back into our communities and limit our environmental impact,” Thomson said.

While celebrating fine cuisine, it seems that ‘Le club des chefs des chefs’ has also helped in boosting local economy.

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